Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 Miles!

Today was a big day.

I did my farthest long run...9 freakin' fabulous miles!

And I didn't die. Or pass out. Or puke. Or anything.

I did get rather giddy around mile 7, and started belting out Chicago tunes...but, aside from that, it was uneventful. (singing calms me) :)

I started out with a higher than I'd like blood sugar, but quickly corrected, gulped a ton of water, and got on with it.

I felt ok for the first few miles, but I knew after correcting that high number, I'd get low eventually if I didn't watch it carefully. I tested my sugar a couple times, and my number was coming down and back to normal nicely. I did need some glucose tabs and clif shot bloks midway through.

I was tired, and my legs got really achy, but holy crap...after running 5 miles, I was over half way there! So, I ran on, cranked my iPod, and got it done.

I'm so proud of myself. I knew that at some point in my training I'd have to do some of these long runs, and today was my day.

Determination and tenacity...what a terrific combination!

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