Sunday, January 29, 2012

11 Long Miles

So, today I ran 11 miles.

It wasn't pretty, in fact, it was really really really hard. I wanted to stop several times. I wanted to cry several times.  I was hot, bothered, tired, and fatigued.

My blood sugars were great, which was a definite plus. I stopped to test and was 152. Not bad. Around mile 5, I began chugging the absolutely delicious Margarita flavored Clif Shot Bloks. Now, that was quite possibly the best part of my run!

I was good for the next few miles...then the evil wicked mile 9 struck. I now know what it means to hit a wall. I was really depleted...totally spent, and wanted to just sit my body down and cry. But, then I remember reading somewhere that we don't stop when we're tired...we stop when we're done. And I wasn't done yet. So, on I went. Barely, but I went...

I gathered myself and just gutted out the next 2 miles. Mile 11 was the longest mile of my life. But, I did it.

I know how important training is now. When I am running my half, I will no doubt experience all of the emotions and physical sensations I experienced today. And I will know that I can run through them and be victorious.

So, I keep training. I keep pushing myself further and further to the edge of what I think is possible. Then I run past those limits and learn valuable lessons.

I am proud that I didn't stop because I was tired. I stopped when I ran 11 miles.

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