Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Constant in My Sea of Change

Well, 2011 is nearly history.

This year has brought mounds of change for mother's death from breast cancer, my father's new life and cancer diagnosis, losing and saying goodbye to my home, preparing to move back into the home of my youth, rediscovering my incredible Italian extended family and reconnecting, heartbreak, training for my first half-marathon, and reevaluating my life. And somewhere in there, I turned 42 and became the mom of a teenager. Really?!

I've been in a hugely reflective mode recently, and it has caused me to realize that amidst ALL of the change going on around me, my walking, running, and working out with my trainer have been the one constant through it all. Going through the last weeks of my mom's life, shedding all the emotional baggage with time alone walking, and eventually running at my favorite lake was always a part of my day. Dealing with banks, and endless phone calls and stress...yes, thank God for my running.

The whole act of putting my hair up in my ponytail, getting on my running clothes and shoes, heading to my peaceful place, cranking my iPod, and hitting the pavement...that was always there. Always.

I am still in the midst of some tough life issues right now...not completely out of the financial crap field yet, BUT, each day, no matter the issues facing me, you can find me on my 6 mile trail or on the waterfront. Clearing my head, bolstering my heart, and training my body.

Training for my first half-marathon has been quite liberating and has given my crazy roller-coaster filled life some needed stability. It has been the constant in my sea of change.

A wise and dear person told me that change is the only constant. And it's so true. Life is always changing, whether we realize it, or acknowledge it. How I choose to accept that change is what matters.

So, change? Yeah, bring it on. I'm tougher than I used to be and stronger than I think.

I'm a runner and I'm in training. Who knew?!