Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Masterpiece

We are all amazingly unique "works in progress" and we are all at different points in our journey. This month I celebrate my one year "Blitziversary" ~ one year working with my trainer, Blitz. He has brought much needed perspective to me, as well as made me rethink what is possible with regard to my fitness goals. 

On a regular basis, he kicks my arse and doesn't let me slide. He knows I am a girly girl at heart, but prefers to bring out the Adrenaline in me. And it works. I know not to whine. In fact, he will often say, "There is no whining in Adrenaline"! I do what he tells me and the results speak for themselves. He pushes me to places I never knew I could go! Who knew a year ago that I could do push ups? Or jump rope? Or do an insane amount of burpees? He did. 

Is there something you don't think you can do? Just remember that the only limits are the ones you make. Everything is possible!

You are a masterpiece. We all are. Let's not be afraid to become who we really are.

"Keep working toward your fitness goals, the masterpiece of you is about to unfold"   ~ Blitz

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It Was Easier!


It was easier today, and I don't even have an easy button!

I have grown accustomed to running being hard. Very hard sometimes. I joked with someone the other day that I want a dang easy button in my Christmas stocking this year. You know, then I can just press it and voila! Running would magically be easy.

Well, today it actually was easier. It was easier because I have been training. Sticking to my Galloway Training Method. And holy worked! I felt lighter on my feet...almost like I was gliding on ice or something. Now, it wasn't a cake walk, to be sure, but I could most definitely tell it was getting better. I am even getting faster. 

This is terribly exciting because I am seeing my own improvement. I am feeling my own improvement.

So, on this December day, running was a bit easier than it had been...and that is a very good thing! I can only imagine how much better it will get as I continue with my training...

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection." ~     Mark Twain