Saturday, August 20, 2011

Paradise Found!

It's called paradise for a reason.

It truly is! Maui is even more spectacular than I ever imagined. I'm from San Diego, and while it's beautiful, it can't compare with where I am now! The palm trees, banyan trees, blue waters that look like they were painted with colors I have never seen before, and the beach...oh my word, the beach! Just amazing. Oh, and the flowers! Plumeria and hibiscus in abundance, and in the most vibrant and yellow are my favorites. :)

So, halfway into our vacay I have managed one decent sized run/walk. Four miles along the beach walk, trying not to trip as I admired all the gorgeous scenery around me. We did spend a decent amount of time walking through Old Lahaina last night...didn't have my pedometer on, so I cant give an accurate mileage count. We get a lot of walking in each day...not the same as getting your heart rate up with a run, but still better than nothing!

Suffice to say, I am simply under the spell of Maui! Having a fabulous time, breathing it all in, and embracing each moment. Waking up each day, putting on my zebra tankini, and heading to the pool and beach...paradise!


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